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What is my Monero address for?
Your Monero address is similar to your bank account number. If you want to receive Monero from someone, you shall provide them your Monero address.
Is it anonymous?
Yes, Monero is anonymous in the mean that it is not registered with your name, phone or email so no one can know who you are. Unlike other currencies, like Bitcoin, where the blockchain and all its account balances and transaction are public, Monero is fully private, which mean that nobody can see how much money you own or what transactions you do.
Is it always the same?
Yes. A Monero address is fixed. It never changes and never expires. However, you can create unlimited wallets (each with a different address) and use one or another at your sole discretion.
What is the private key for?
The private key is similar to a password. It is the key to access your funds. Only with your Monero address, you can receive Monero and it will remain stored safely on your wallet. However, if you want to see your wallet details and/or send funds from it to another wallet, you will need your private key, which is also known as seed phrase.
Can I change it?
No. A private key can't be changed. A private key and address combination is unique and they are generated with a mathematical algorithm. However, although a private key can't be changed, you still can create another new wallet, which will have a different private key.
Is it safe enough?
Hell, yeah! A private key is a 256-bit number. This means that it is represented in binary in 256 numbers of 0 or 1. There are a total of (almost) 2^256 combinations of private keys, or 10^77, which is the same. This is 10 followed by 77 zeroes! Even with the world's most advance computers working together, it is impossible to crack a private key.
How can I check my balance and transactions?
All Monero transactions are stored in an encrypted ledger. Only a wallet owner holding its private key or an authorized person (by using a so-called view-key) can see the balance and transactions of a wallet. They are anonymous and private. No one can know who owns a wallet or who they send or receive Monero from. However, there are Monero Explorers that may show some basic information about the blocks minted and transactions. For example:
How do I use an explorer?
A Monero explorer like the one we have linked above it is like a public database where you can see the current blockchain status. Simply visit their website and you will see a list with the last blocks minted, as well as the total transactions, among other interesting data.
What about my balance?
Being Monero a privacy-focused currency, you can see your balance only through a wallet, by login with your private key. For privacy reasons, we suggest you download the official Monero wallet:
How can I send Monero out?
Simply import your Private Key to any Monero Wallet service and you will be able to manage your funds from there. However, beware of the risk involved on writing your private key. Don't write your private key anywhere if you don't intend to use your funds.